What we are doing regarding the Covid Coronavirus - 19




Due to the COVID 19, we recommend that you stay at home as much as possible, that's why we will continue to offer PICK UP and HOME DELIVERY. You can order here .


But if you decide to visit us, You will be safe. Within our facilities we will continue to apply the Cleaning and Sanitation Protocol developed by the Restaurants Union of the Ribera de Chapala A.C. and the local authorities, being very careful to ensure the cleanliness and quality of your food and our collaborators's health.


We will continue with these actions:

- Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization at 175 degrees Fahrenheit of all our dishes in an industrial dishwasher.

- We renewed our entire dishwashing area to ensure that they all dishes are perfectly sterile and clean.

- We increased the frequency of disinfection of high contact surfaces, furniture and accessories .

- We have shoe disinfection and we provide Antibacterial Gel to all our clients upon admission and with a dispenser at each table.

- We reduced the occupancy to ensure a healthy distance between customers.

- We have takeaway and home delivery orders to help you stay home as much as possible but still enjoy some of our delicious dishes.



We will continue to follow all the recommendations of the WHO and local authorities.


We invite our clients to make reservations to ensure an available table.

Also, we beg our clients to do their part and follow the recommendations.

With your help we can take care of our community in the best possible way.



We are working to take care of you.

Stay Safe.



Best regards.


Anabel and Alex

The Original Tony's